Geosteady Learns Lessons From His Divorce With Prima

Geosteady’s divorce from his baby mama, Prima Kardash, was acrimonious. She chose to divorce, accusing the singer of adultery.

She left with their two beautiful children, Soraye and Solange, and months later began a new relationship with galaxy fm presenter Mr Henry, who has always loved her.

Henry took on the role of a father and began caring for Primah and Geosteady’s children as if they were his own.

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Geosteady attacked Primah and Henry on social media, revealing that the former denied him the opportunity to see his children, claiming they no longer belonged to him.

The singer painfully revealed on Galaxy fm on Friday that he hasn’t seen his children in two years.

“I haven’t seen them since December 2020. I decided to let go I know time will come and the kids will come as long as I am working towards my goal. I will just make money and the kids will  because children will love a rich dad,” Geosteady claimed.

Geosteady went on to say that his breakup with Primah taught him a valuable lesson.

“My love life is nolonger going to be public. I also want to be alone, stay alone and someone (girlfriend)  just comes home once in a while and goes back to her place. I know my purpose now and what has caused men to fall into depression.” Geosteady 

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