Did Maulana And Reign Also Chew Sheilah Gshumba’s Sumbie? Truth Here

Maulana And Reign Also Chew Sheilah Gshumba's Sumbie

During his bitter feud with his ex-girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba, Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan, a UK-based socialite, revealed that she had slept with a number of men, including Maulana and Reign.

Days after the allegations surfaced, the comedian and singing duo responded.

The star comedians haven’t revealed anything on their social media platforms that they have or haven’t chewed the NBS TV presenter.

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Instead, Maulana and Reign wrote, “Ogwo munanansi.”

Marcus also named Grenade Official, Eddy Kenzo, Fik Fameica, and Singer Vinka’s husband Nelly as men he had sex with.

Sheilah was unable to refute or confirm Marcus’ allegations because she stated that she has no time for drama and prayed for his well-being.

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