Sheilah Gashumba Hits Back At Her Ex-Bonkmate God’s Plan Live On Air

Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan, a socialite, revealed on Snapchat that his ex-girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba and current boyfriend Rickman Manrick betrayed him.

He revealed that Rickman was his friend when he was still dating Sheilah, and that he used to hang out at his place, eat, and drink. He explained that when he left him in the living room with Sheilah, they used to bonk.

Sheilah revealed on the ‘NBS After5’ show that she met Rickman before God’s Plan.

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“That guy is lying about Rickman chilling at his place. All those are lies. Actually, I met Rickman before meeting Marcus so I don’t know who stole me from who,” Sheilah Gashumba said.

Marcus also accused Sheilah of being a whore this morning, explaining that when he checked her phone one day, he discovered that she had slept with singer Eddy Kenzo while he was still dating Rema and Vinka’s husband Nelly.

Sheilah had this to say when asked if the accusations were true.

“I don’t understand where all this is coming from. Seriously I’m not a drama person and I don’t have time for Marcus. I only know that he started making these accusations after seeing me with Ruger. I hope he is okay mentally, I just don’t hate him but when I love I love, and when I stop loving I mean it. So I’m not going back to him,” She said.

Sheilah also clarified that she and Ruger have nothing more than a friendship going on.

“Ruger was my friend before even coming to Uganda. I am the one who promoted him in Uganda and he was so appreciative because this was his first ever one man’s show outside Nigeria and it turned out well because of me. He told me that Sheilah you need to be with me at the concert and that’s why I went there. He was holding me as his friend,” She elaborated.

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