Stella Nyanzi In Grief And Tears As Turns Into Casanova

While others were celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, Stella Nyanzi, a Ugandan writer and activist based in Germany, was in deep pain after her boyfriend David admitted to cheating on her.

David didn’t stop there; he went on to hurt her even more by informing her that he has a child with another woman.

“What a bitter sweet Valentine’s day! What did your lover give you? Mine gave me news of his cute baby born by another mother,” Stella Nyanzi posted.

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She went on to say that her boyfriend had turned into a Casanova.

“My shattered heart is in the hands of my lover. Our delayed liberation made him a damn Casanova. The pain of broken trust can be worse than the grief over death for a dear one,” She added.

She stated that, despite the betrayal, she still loves and understands him.

Stella Nyanzi wrote in an agonizing manner, “I love him. He wants many more children. At 47 years of age, I can not help him achieve this desire. Because of our love for each other, he is welcome to get his children. Supporting his desire to grow his name does not make this news any easier,”

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