Latif Ssebagala In Danger After Unknown Man Promises Him Death For Playing Bedminton With His Wife

A man, who did not reveal his identity, has issued stern warnings to former Kawempe North Member of Parliament (MP) Latif Ssebagala, accusing him of having affairs with his wife.

The man printed warnings on posters that he hung on city power poles. He vowed to take the former legislator’s life if he didn’t stop bothering his wife.

“Please leave my wife. I stay behind Taibah International and you know me but expect death,” He warned.

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He then accused Sebagala of being a Casanova whose manhood never rests.

“You impregnated someone’s daughter in Kiganda region. You have wives in Kawempe 1, Kawempe 2 Kazo Angola and Kawempe Ku Tano in the market,” He revealed.

Latif Ssebagala warned

Latif Ssebagala In Danger

He insisted that he is more than willing to assassinate the alleged womanizer.

“No negotiations please please please, we are meeting in two days,” He said.

This comes just a day after police stated that adultery is not a crime and thus cannot be reported to police in order to have someone arrested.

In a press conference on Monday, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga stated that adultery is no longer a crime but rather a civil matter.

“Adultery, is no longer a criminal offence in our country. Therefore, criminalising it, is an act of unprofessionalism and abuse of authority, which the force cannot tolerate”.

“We strongly condemn the criminalisation of civil matters in police,” Enanga said.

However AIGP Asan Kasingye inquired from Latif Ssebagala who this man could be for the law to take it’s course.

“Latif, tell us who this one is, and the law takes its course @PoliceUg,” AIGP Kasingye posted

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