Viral Video: Mutooro Wife Caught Bonking With Another Man In Her Husband’s House

Viral Video: Mutooro Wife Caught Bonking With Another Man In Her Husband's House

In the video, a beautiful Mutooro wife is seen wearing only a bra and a biker-style short. This was all at her husband’s house with a man only identified as Abdul. He however was seated on the sofa wearing full trousers and a t-shirt.

A video is making the rounds on social media of two alleged sweethearts being filmed before or after their wonderful sessions.

Taata Junior, the lady’s husband, can be heard asking her how she knows the man, and all she could say was that she didn’t know him and that he had just arrived at their house, so she didn’t know what his intention was.

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She also asked Taata Junior to stop embarrassing her and to bring her mother to her before taking her anywhere else to embarrass her further.

However, the Mutooro wife was then instructed to dress up and accompany her husband to an unknown location.

Taata Junior and other eyewitnesses were upset and continued to accuse her of sleeping with Abdul despite her denials.

It should be noted that after police humiliated and arrested Mc Casmir, Fred Enanga came out and stated that having sex with married people is not a crime unless there is a loss of life or property. He cautioned officers not to arrest adulterers.

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