Precious Remmie Welcomes All Her Husband’s Children From Other Women ~ Video

Precious Remmie new husband Raymond Bindeeba’s ex-lover and baby mama Akum Sophia recently came out demanding child support, claiming he hasn’t supported their daughter since the day she was born.

Sophia painfully narrated in the viral video clip that she recently contacted Remmie and asked her to persuade her husband to take care of and pay for their child’s education, but she only responded by advising her to send the child to a school she can afford.

Precious Remmie, who was on Spark TV Live Wire yesterday evening, asked all of Bindeeba’s baby Mamas to bring his children to her.

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“If you have Bindeeba’s children and you have DNA test results confirming that they are his, then bring them to me and I look after them because I came to this marriage to stay, She said.

Watch Precious Remmie and Husband Introduction

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