Video: Big Eye Starboss Kicked Off Stage During Eddy Kenzo Festival

Big Eye Starboss Kicked Off Stage During Eddy Kenzo Festival

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja, aka Big Eye Starboss, got into a fight with a DJ at Kololo Airstrip at the Eddy Kenzo festival. Eddy Kenzo successfully held his eagerly anticipated festival at Kololo Airstrip yesterday, November 12, 2022. During this festival, many artists were to perform despite the many of songs they’ve produced.

However, to give other artists a chance, the artists had to perform few songs on their list. Though, this is not the thing that Big Eye had to cope up with, he wanted to perform all his songs and the new one dubbed husband material over and over again.

Big Eye asked the DJ to rewind his new song, “husband material,” midway through his performance, but the DJ refused. The DJ started playing DJ Michael’s Muko Muko song right away because he was the next on the program, leaving Big with a bad taste in his mouth.

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The singer became infuriated at this moment and attacked the DJ to put him in his place for defying his orders. The platform needed security assistance to maintain order, and Big Eye Starboss was pulled off stage as a result. However, we will have to wait on the Big Eye statement.

Watch Big Eye Starboss kicked off stage here

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