Video: Shakib Cham Releases Video squeezing Zari Hassan’s Nyash

With the release of a video showing Shakib Cham stomping on Zari Hassan’s nyash after many incidents at a club, the haters have been made to feel bad. Despite the negative comments, Shakib and Zari have carried on living a happy life to the fullest. Following the release of many videos and images, the two have been seen in a variety of amorous settings.

After posting this dramatic video clip of him busy extracting every last drop of juice from city socialite ZarI Hasan’s nyash and demonstrating how he goes down on her behind closed doors, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, a crazy lover and city smart wire, has continued to crush hearts. Shakib revealed memories and how he feels each time he is carried so close to Zari’s heart on his Instagram page.

Following the two lovers’ public declaration that they are harvesting each other without limits, social media began to overflow with images of them having a good time in clubs, on beaches, or just lounging around their homes. Shakib has gone above and beyond to make Zari as amused and content as possible, and he has continued to demonstrate this as well as how far he will go to prove that he is the right man for her.

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