The Real Truth Behind The Trending Photos Of Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, Rema’s Husband

Singer Rema Namakula and her spouse Dr. Hamza Ssebunya were in the news late last night when accusations surfaced that he was having extramarital affairs behind her back. The singer, however, is not at all commenting on her husband’s affair story.

The accusations were brought on by the viral photos of Hamza and a gorgeous babe. In the pictures, Hamza can be seen spending time with a lovely woman by the pool as they celebrate an event.

The two are depicted in amorous settings in the pictures and videos, which has forced naysayers and internet users to speculate.

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As far as we know, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya is not having an extramarital affair with the woman he was spotted with in the viral pictures and videos. He would have preferred to spend the night out at a birthday celebration.

The photographs and videos allegedly placed online without authorization, according to sources, which has since stirred much controversy.

Does Ssebunya only enjoy Rema because he is so unique from other males in the world? Who knows? I’ll keep you informed on all the developments.

Rema Namakula has been with Dr. Hamza since she left BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo in a controversial demand of time which Kenzo couldn’t offer to Rema. In doing so, she recorded different songs like sirimuyembe, showing Kenzo that she needed time but this was all in vain.

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