Has Doreen Kabareebe Found Her Other Half? Truth Here

Doreen Kabareebe, a well-known philanthropist and model from Uganda, has now revealed the fortunate man who picked her up from the madness of singleness. Doreen Kabareebe is fairly candid about her life as a public figure, especially given her outspoken nature. She loves that everything about her is on display for everyone to see, including her body, her ideas, and her way of life.

But she has always kept a tight lid on her love life, and she frequently leaves people wondering who the lucky man in her life is. Perhaps until this morning, when she decided to disclose her relationship status, the indicators that she had finally found a boyfriend were not as obvious to most others.

The 31-year-old model confirmed on Twitter that she is no longer single in a caption that was included with a picture of her and her partner. “So you thought I was single? Might delete later” she captioned the photo, obscuring the man’s face out of love for privacy.

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She eventually removed the tweet, but it had already been shared and we are aware he is not a man from Uganda. Additionally, it has been revealed that she traveled to the USA, where she has been residing for a few months, because of her romance.

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