Nurses argued to continue with work amidst the delay of allowances.

The Uganda Nurses and midwives Union has asked it’s members to continue working. This comes when nurses are demanding their allowances for months and yet all in vain.

The Uganda Nurses and midwives Union says that as they wait for the response from the government as per Covid 19 allowances for vaccination, Nurses should continue to work.

The president for the Uganda Nurses and midwives Union said that the meeting with the government was postponed to next week on Monday. The president said that there was low morale for nurses. As they carry out the vaccinations of Covid 19 across the country, health workers have lost the energy to work.

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Nurses are unable to provide themselves with breakfast, lunch and water during Covid 19 vaccinations exercise.

The government however increased their allowances from Shs 2,000 to Shs 15,000. But Cherop says they were never informed that it would contain a 30% tax leaving them with only Shs 7,000.

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During this period of Covid 19, Nurses are seen on the forefront of administering the jabs to people.

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