Kabaka returns from a Sick trip in German

His Highness, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, the Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom has returned from a 3- week medical trip to Germany.

The Kabaka, according to an official at Mengo, returned on Friday at 11pm aboard KLM aircraft.

Kabaka was first taken to the VIP section at Entebbe Airport. Kabaka was then driven to a rest place from a long flight since he hasn’t fully recovered.

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Kabaka’s allegedly said that he is now looking great considering the condition in which he was before leaving for treatment.

“He has greatly improved. He looks healthier and energetic,” said the official.

The king went into two major surgeries while in German as doctors tried to detoxify him and treat allergies.

Kabaka fled to German last month after a hospital in Kampala administered wrong medicine to him upon his allergies.

Kabaka takes cancer test.

He flew to Nairobi, Agha Khan hospital for treatment. While at Agha Khan Hospital, the doctor assigned to diagnose the King proposed that he also takes samples of cancer.

He was found with no cancer cells in his body.

However, his health would deteriorate at the start of this year.

“The allergies escalated in January and February. Every member of the family was worried,” a source added.

His sickness was treated with utmost privacy it deserved, but it later sparked off anxiety when the King appeared in public on April to celebrate his birthday.

He looked frail and struggled to breathe, which conditions aroused debate among his very loyal subjects.

Heaps of insults were directed to the Premier, Peter Henry Mayiga as to why he had kept quiet and watched on as the loved King ailed.

Mr Mayiga responded and warned all those attacking him to stop speculating about the Kabaka.

A source said that at the time, Mengo was working closely with government to identify a good facility globally to treat the Kabaka, as he waited to conclude two important traditional functions since he would spend a longtime abroad.

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