Spice Diana’s Mother Says She is Too Young to Date

Spice Diana lover is still unknown to the public at the age of 26, and her mother prefers that she remain single because she is still young.

Spice Diana is living the dream of many young East African girls. She has a successful music career, a lavish lifestyle, and the looks to match.

Despite this, her love life appears to be quite boring, especially since her boyfriend (if she has one) is not publicly known.

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The Source Management songstress has repeatedly stated that she is focused on her career and will settle for love later.

She revealed on her birthday last week that she will reveal her man when the time is right, but her mother, Beatrice Nantale, is fine with her being single.

Nantale advises Spice Diana to ignore the pressure from the media and fans who constantly inquire about her romantic life.

She wants her daughter to remain single because she is still young and will be able to find a man when she reaches the age of thirty.

“My daughter is still too young to get married. I still want her to be single. She can get a man when she turns 30 years of age.” Spice Diana’s Mother Beatrice Nantale

She encourages Spice to keep working hard to expand her empire and to let her social media in-laws do the talking.

“I want her to work hard and build her empire. I won’t stop her if she eventually falls in love but I think she is still young,” Nantale adds.

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