Bebe Cool Shows Off His Accomplishments in Visuals For ‘Gyenvudde’ | VIDEO

Bebe Cool displays a few of his accomplishments in the form of awards in the visuals of his new inspirational dancehall song titled “Gyenvudde” to inspire his fans.

Bebe Cool narrates his hustle and rise to the top of Uganda’s music charts in “Gyenvudde,” giving the listener hope.

The CEO of Gagamel has had an inspiring career, but it began at the bottom more than two decades ago.

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Today, he is one of the country’s music legends and a role model for many young people who want to develop their musical talents.

Gyenvudde is a song that you can listen to for motivation and to learn more about Bebe’s hustle.

He claims that his past shaped him into the celebrity that he is today.

“Everyone has a history, or call it a past journey, that involves a lot of good and bad but mostly unbelievable challenges. But your past will shape you hence shape your future,” Bebe Cool explains.

In addition, “Am hard because I have grown through a hard and tough life that am now unstoppable musically, socially, politically and economically.”

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Blackskin wrote the song “Gyenvude.” Ronnie produced it, and Herbertskillz mastered it.

The video, shot in one of Kampala’s ghettos, appears to depict Bebe’s journey from zero to hero.

Ace Daniels and Elly Workz directed it, and Wembly Mo choreographed it.

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