Spice Diana Survives To Be Chewed Raw Live On Stage | Video

Spice Diana Survives To Be Chewed Raw Live On Stage

Spice Diana, real name Hajara Namukwaya, is a beautiful singer who has a large number of male and female fans.

She’s also one of the big artists who values their fans so much that she usually doesn’t mind if they join her on stage while she’s performing.

That may change as a result of last night’s heinous incident.

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The singer narrowly avoided being raped on stage by a male fan. A video circulating on social media shows Spice Diana laying down on stage while performing, and then a male fan climbs on top of her, as if they were a couple in love.

When the fan was assaulting her, she kept telling him to get off her, but he couldn’t stop himself. She summoned her oblivious security personnel, but they did not come to her aid.

The audience didn’t seem to notice that she wasn’t enjoying what was going on, as they continued to cheer her on.

Before anyone could save the Spice, the video recording was cut short. It’s unclear whether she was able to receive assistance or not.

Watch Spice Diana Fighting Off the Fan

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