Sheilah Gashumba Not Ready To Have Kids Until 27 Years

Sheilah Caroline Gashumba, a media personality and social media influencer, has given an explanation for why she plans to have a child at the age of 27. One of the most successful young ladies in Uganda’s entertainment sector is Sheila Gashumba. She just turned 25 and is still putting a lot of effort towards her future.

Rickman Manrick, a singer, is presently the love of Sheilah Gashumba’s life. Despite the closeness of their bond, they haven’t married or given birth to a kid as a couple. Despite being successful, she has often been questioned about why she hasn’t given birth. According to Sheilah Gashumba, she is anticipating becoming a parent in two years.

Sheilah Gashumba said that she is holding off till she is 27 years old since she now feels youthful with her partner and they all want to work a little bit more. Before focusing on children, the two lovers aim to amass wealth.

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“I am going to have a child at 27 years. I and my boyfriend Rickman are all still young and we are both chasing money. So we have to wait a bit more to make it work out,” Sheilah Gashumba stated.

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