Video: Hellen Lukoma Shows Off New Apartments Gifted By Husband

Hellen Lukoma, a former performer with HB Toxic and Obsessions, benefits financially from her marriage to Anwar Kaka. After their marriage ceremony, Hellen Lukoma and Anwar Kaka, whom she affectionately referred to as Mr. A, were introduced in January 2019. Later, the kuwoowa/muslim wedding ceremony was held in Maria’s home in Buwate.

Kaka relocated Lukoma to a posh apartment and showered her with cash for the wedding festivities. The couple has so far had three kids. Kaka is passionately in love with her and is showering her with presents despite criticism from online users over her dress code.

In February of this year, Kaka gave Hellen Lukoma a Range Rover as a Valentine’s Day surprise and even arranged for custom license plates with her initials, “HL.” Hellen just shared a video on Instagram showcasing the “HL Living” flats in Najjera. An source told us that her husband, Anwar Kaka, had given flats her name.

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All of this occurred the day after blogger Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi criticized her for her clothing choices after her performance picture at the Purple Party went viral online.

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