Rahmah Pinky Opens Up On Marrying A Sugar Daddy

Rahmah Pinky, a singer, has at last opened up about her unsuccessful arranged marriage to an elderly, wealthy sugar daddy. Rahmah Pinky recently entered the music industry and joined Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep (TNS) months ago. When Rahmah Pinky finished sixth grade, she also tried out for marriage before becoming well-known as an artist.

Her parents were approached by a wealthy Muslim man living in the USA who asked them for their daughter’s hand in marriage. They let him, but later things went south. Rahma Pinky escaped the man on the introduction day, and ever since that time, the man has been disparaging her and her family.

She has now spoken out, claiming that she almost got married but fled because she realized it wasn’t the proper moment after sending letters to the media to expose Rahmah Pinky.

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“I almost got married but I realized it was not the right time for me to settle down. It was also not my wish to marry at that age, my family had arranged everything,” she said.

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