Former SFC Sam Mulondo Arrested On Allegations Of Attacking Police Stations

Sam Mulondo, a deserter from the Special Forces Command (SFC), has been taken into prison by the police. On suspicion of hatching a scheme to assault the Luuka central police station, the suspect is being detained. On Wednesday, he was taken into custody by police when they picked him up in front of Luuka Central Police Station. When he was arrested, he looked to be dressed in Islamic clerical clothing.

Mulondo Abdul was previously well-known to the local police leadership thanks to careful enquiries. The suspect had been visiting the police station regularly for nearly a week without a compelling motive, the police discovered. It should be mentioned that Sam Mulondo has been monitored by the police for the last three days. They learned that he slept at pubs at night and dressed casually.

Police discovered that Mulondo would pose as a Muslim priest throughout the day. According to a police officer, a witness observed Mulondo checking the Luuka police station on the 19th and 20th of December. Mulondo was wearing three pairs of pants, two vests, one shirt, a kanzu, and a cap when he was apprehended, the police discovered.

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Additionally, he reportedly had certain papers that connected him to the SFC. Sam Mulondo is now being questioned further in the military barracks in Magamaga. Police stations have recently been the site of many assaults that resulted in the deaths of policemen and the theft of weapons. Various government institutions have given conflicting accounts of who carried out and why police stations were attacked.

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