Zari Hassan In Tears After Her Phone Was Stolen | Video

Zari Hassan won’t totally be enjoying her triumph with a glad spirit since Kampala thieves left her damaged, even if it was highlighted by an A-list audience and extravagance. Zari informs the world that her phone has been stolen in a video that has subsequently become popular online.

The phone, in accordance with Zari, was a golden Samsung S20 Ultra. The socialite went on to explain the phone in more detail, mentioning that it had a background of her on it. Zari continued by saying that she realizes how difficult it is for individuals to survive in this economy and that she too may make a mistake.

She said that given their precarious situation, it was acceptable for someone to take her phone. Zari Hassan then advised the potential thief to reach her current lover Shakib in a direct social media message. She did add that the images of her kids are the sole reason she wants the phone back. She boasted that she had enough money to purchase herself 10 additional phones and that she didn’t care about the device in and of itself.

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“I understand that everyone is trying to make a living, therefore it’s acceptable if you take my phone, but kindly return it. You can seek for my sisters on social media, Cheune, and you can give it to Shakib Cham, and then everything will be well. I have enough money to purchase 10 other phones of the same kind, but that phone contains pictures of my kids. Just the memories, which I cannot purchase. Please bring my phone back.” Zari Hassan pleaded

Zari Hassan ended by stating that she is serious about the situation. But given the state of the economy right now, we can only wish the socialite luck.

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