Kaiyz Kawalya Blasts Sheila Gashumba Over Her Skimpy Dressing

In addition to her strong nature, Sheila Gashumba is renowned for her risky and daring sense of style. Particularly when she hosts the Chop Life show, she always rules the stage when she enters. Well, despite the fact that many people like her for her sense of style, there are still some that think less of her like kaiyz Kawalya.

One of those who doesn’t like Influencer Sheila Gashumba’s dressing code is Uncut broadcaster Isaac Kawalya alias Kaiyz of Sanyuka TV. At the Chop Life end-of-year party, which was recently hosted at Vault Bandali Rise in Bugolobi, Sheila Gashumba’s attire caused Kayz to publicly express his disapproval.

Kayz emphasized that Sheila Gashumba’s appearance at her party was particularly uncomfortable since she essentially left nothing hidden and just covered the most important places. Sheila may seem to be a fashion star at the moment, but Kayz appears to be looking a bit further forward as he envisions Sheila with her children as she tries to explain her dress code to them when they come across the images of her dressed scantily.

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“It’s okay to show that nice body but in 20 years will your kids be proud of you? You have to be human in whatever you do since the internet keeps whatever is shared for years.” Kaiyz expressed worry in his statements.

He said that because the internet records everything, those who dress scantily should consider the time when their unborn children would discover such images. He continued by saying that Sheila need to improve the next time and avoid fostering mischievous thoughts after almost exposing her privates.

Recall that Sheila said she wants to become a mother when she is 27 years old, which is pretty soon. Kaiyz Kawalya advised her to consider how her own children would see her in the near future when they see pictures of her that are just partially cooked. During the NBS After5 program, Kayz made his submission while expressing his disgust with the socialite’s outfit and called it so revolting.

Kaiyz Kawalya Blasts Sheila Gashumba Over Her Skimpy Dressing

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