Sheebah Karungi Resists pressure From Fans To Have Children

Sheebah Samali Karungi, a singer, wishes to have children in the future, although she defies pressure from her admirers to do so. The former TNS singer made her stance very plain by highlighting how she is tired of people asking her when she plans to have a baby and how it irritates her.

The Muwomya hit maker expressed her desire to have children of her own but felt that the timing was not yet appropriate. Sheebah Karungi has used her talent to achieve as many things as she could in her life, including holic pads, constructing a mansion in Munyonyo, close to the Lake Victoria Resort Hotel, on Mulungo Road in Kampala. Sheebah Karungi has failed, despite all she has tried, to meet the man of her dreams and begin a family with him, including children.

“Yes, I love kids and I hope to have my own babies in future but at my own timing and rather not due to the world’s pressure.” Sheebah Karungi said

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Sheebah, a well-known advocate for women’s liberation, said a few weeks ago that she would have been held at gunpoint on the day she flaunted a “husband.” Sheebah Karungi said in the same interview that she is sick of having to defend her dress code to others and advised anybody who is still offended to find a solution.

“I am tired of explaining my dress code to people who I even don’t know but at this point, if you still have a problem with my fashion, that is your problem, not mine. “ Sheebah said

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