Peng Peng Tells Ugandans To Focus On King Saha’s Music Only

Singer King Saha, actual name Ssemanda Mansour, has been harassed by Ugandans, according to controversial social media blogger Peng Peng of Boston. According to the blogger Peng Peng, his music should be the only thing that people pay attention to, not his appearance or life outside of show business. King Saha has been singing for a very long time and is now one of Uganda’s most popular musicians.

He is the author of the most popular song, “Zakayo.” Everyone, however, has a good side and a negative side. It has been made clear that King Saha uses a lot of cannabis and doesn’t wash his teeth afterward. Bebe Cool was first responsible for exposing the vocalist.

King Saha was named and advised to stop using drugs and start taking care of himself in 2019 when he released his Bebe Cool list. The musician took Bebe Cool’s remark personally and has been harboring ill will against him ever since. Even though Bebe Cool didn’t give it time, he went ahead and recorded a song about Bebe Cool assaulting him.

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Recently, Saha heard the same thing from radio host Brian Mulondo. Because he was concentrating on Brian’s cleanliness and mostly informing him that he smells, it was somehow different for Brian.
The blogger claims that he is not pleased with King Saha’s ongoing exposure to the public. He advised Ugandans not to pay attention to those who have negative things to say about the artist.

“I want Ugandans to mind about King Saha’s music, not his hygiene. Those talking about his hygiene are haters and I am sure Saha is doing better than them,” Peng Peng added.

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