Nakankaka Admits Part 2 Trending Video, Lumbuye Gives His View

TikToker Yvonne Nakankaka has at last revealed that she is the one in the most recent trending video recording with Dr. Cepcho. Nakankaka, who acknowledges that she is the one with “Ekyovu,” has appealed to her detractors to refrain from using her past to undermine her present.

The currently popular Dr Cephco and Yvonne Nakankaka s3xtape part 2 has up till now been raising questions about why revelers don’t grow up to recognize that they are grownups and begin acting with social graces.

Nakankaka has come forward to admit that she is the person in the “kyovu” trending video after being plagued by her previous transgressions and unending internet trolls, as she sought a second chance through a social media video;

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Nakankaka had partially screamed out, “Instead of putting me down, give a chance to change myself into a better Yvonne rather than ruining my life,”

However, blogger and National Unity Platform (NUP) campaigner Fred Lumbuye, who is based in Turkey, offers a different take on the matter and claims that Tiktoker Nankanka Vyone is supported by the government in order to distract Ugandans from the cause.

Fred Lumbuye claimed that when he criticizes the government, they utilize individuals like Nankanka to distract Ugandans from listening to him. Nankanka is like all other Ugandan women, according to Lumbuye, and she has a family. She wouldn’t be acting in ways that degrade her and her family in front of others if she weren’t given money.

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