Messe Bontwe is Reportedly Retiring From Being a Comedian

During the week, radio host and former Amarula family comedian Nicholes Mpiirwe alias Messe Bontwe announced his retirement from comedy, ‘read his biography‘.

He was one of the founders of the once popular stand-up comedy group “Amarula family,” which included late Paddy Bitama and Amooti, but the group later split up due to money issues.

During a recent interview with Spark Tv, the comedy maestro explained that he has done everything and that he is now too old for art, with retirement as his only option.

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Messe Bontwe professional background (Biography):

DJ Mese is a comedian, songwriter, and singer. Messe was born in Mbarara in 1976 and raised there. He later moved to Kampala. Messe worked as a cashier at his aunt’s video library after dropping out of high school. He eventually started rapping and miming for money. In 1994, he formed a collaboration with Ragga Dee. The Homies Band was formed by the trio. Their song Bamusakata, which was released in 1995, became a huge hit.

DJ Messe was hired as the microphone controller when Karim Hirji opened the Roads Night Club (Viper Room) at Hotel Equatorial (MC). Later, he trained as a Disc Jockey under the tutelage of Radio One’s Elvis Kalema.

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He later became a trainer at Jenina Night Club, where he met Amooti and Bitama and decided to collaborate.

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