OS Suuna Tells Journalists To Stop Playing His Music If They Want

Many scribes promised to deal with Omulangira Ssuna after he arrested three presenters affiliated with Next Media Services.

They made public pronouncements that they would boycott his music as a gesture of support.

They figured that putting him in this situation would force him to forgive them, but he didn’t flinch.

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The musician told the reporters that he doesn’t mind if they don’t play his music anymore.

“If some biased journalists want to stop playing my music, they should go ahead. I am giving them a green light to shelve my work. I won’t be affected,” Omulangira Ssuna explained

“Some journalists believe I don’t have the right to speak out or take action when I’m defamed,” he continued. Shame “Some journalists think I don’t have a right to speak or take action when I’m defamed. Shame upon them”.

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