Tiwa Savage Speaks About leaked S€x tape.

Tiwa Savage opened up on the leaked video of her bed happiness. The Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has opened up that she is being blackmailed. Tiwa says she is being blackmailed by unknown person over her bed time tape with her boyfriend.

She said that the blackmailer was asking for a lot of money which she could not give. Savage continued that after some time when she paid the money, the blackmailer could come back to ask for more money. For this she decided to let go.

“I decided I was not going to pay the person because if I do, two months from now, three months down the line, or even two years later, you are going to come back again,” she said on an American TV show.

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In addition, the singer continued to say that she is not willing to pay any money. She then decided to reveal the video by herself.

“No part of me wants to pay the person. That is what is getting me angry. If you want to put it out, put it out. I am that crazy that I can put it out myself. You are not making any money from me,” she said.

The Nigerian singer feels sorry for her boyfriend because she says that the boyfriend was in the dark side of these matters. But after the reveal of the video, then everything about him will be revealed. The superstar also revealed that she isn’t guilt because she wasn’t caught cheating and she is old enough.

“This was an intimate moment with someone I am dating. The person I am dating is not famous, he is a regular guy and his whole business is about to be out,” Tiwa savage added.

In conclusion, Tiwa Savage has shown the blackmailer a strong heart for not paying them the money.

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