I support OS Sauna for getting kayz arrested – Bebe Cool.

Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool says he supports OS Suuna for getting next media presenters kayz, Wako, and Make arrested. He also revealed that he doesn’t like OS but then he is in support of him punishing the disrespectful ones.

“Even though I don’t like Suuna as a person because of some things he does that leave me shocked, he is right, for the betterment of the music industry we should let the law work on any Ugandan.”

“Just because Journalists can cooperate and speak ill about someone, it doesn’t mean that they are right,” He said.

He continued that TV presenters are hating OS Suuna for arresting the fellow presenters. But when Suuna was crying, no one sympathised with him.

“You know very well that Suuna cried heavily, I didn’t see you or Uganda Journalists Association writing to Kayz asking him to change his ways, no one came out to support Suuna. He cried for a week, he is an old man with children, imagine your child seeing you crying. Journalists have abused me for long, maybe for me I have a strong heart which Suuna doesn’t have,” Bebe added.

In addition, Bebe Cool asked the TV presenters to reconcile with Suuna.

“If you’ve understood where the mistake is, sit on a round table and forgive each other.”

“Kayz is my friend but he is always abusing me I’m warning him. We spend time making our names, we invest in money, you claim that some artists faded yet the small name he still has helps him make school fees and buy food and you come to bury it,” Bebe Cool.

In Conclusion, Bebe Cool urged all the presenters to their own artists the way the Nigerians do. He said, instead of them tarnishing the names of their Artists and their careers, they should always support them.

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