Lydia Jazmine Claims She Did Not Elope With Rabadaba When She Was Still a Struggling Artist

Lydia ‘Jazmine’ Nabawanuka, a musician, has publicly denied ever being in a romantic relationship with dancehall act Faisal Sseguya, better known as Rabadaba.

Lydia Jazmine emphasized that even when she was a struggling artist supporting Rabadaba and the Goodlyfe crew, they always behaved well.

She explained that her relationship with Rabadaba was strictly business-related, and that there was no sexual intercourse between them.

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She continued that Rabadaba never asked to sleep with her. And that if they had an affair, they would not be close friends.

Jazmine went on to say that if there was anything, it would have come to light. Because it’s natural for people who have previously dated to have conflicting loyalties, even if they pretend to hide them.

“People have been creating stories in their heads thinking that Rabadaba ate part of my cake but that did not happen.” Lydia Jazmine

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