Bebe Cool Not To Forgive Anyone Who Attacks Bobi’s Wife And Children


Big size Bebe Cool may be at odds with rival Bobi Wine, but the National Unity Platform (NUP) darling’s family is someone he respects.

According to Bebe, while he cannot share a cup of coffee with Bobi Wine, he cannot cross lines with his children and wife, Barbie Itungo.

Bebe, who recently released a new uplifting song called Gyenvudde, is adamant that anyone who teases or verbally abuses the children or wife of Bobi Wine is automatically his adversary.

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“I do not agree with Bobi Wine on many things, but first, things to do with children is a no go zone. Those are my children. His wife is also a no go zone. I am not going to be friends with anyone attacking Bobi’s wife. Yes, we do not talk, he does not come to my home, but those are no go zones,” In an interview with Gagamel TV, his record label’s YouTube channel, he stated.

He explained that their fight is about them and their music. Therefore, he cannot kick Bobi Wine when he is down because, despite their differences, he wants to see him live.

“I am fighting him professionally, but when he is at his weakest, I pick him up. On my side I have nothing to send him to the grave and it will never be there. So we have to learn that kind of behaviour and acceptance,” he added.

Bebe Cool stated in 2017 that he has never forgiven Bobi Wine for insulting his father, Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, and that he will only forgive him if he publicly apologizes. He claimed Bobi Wine insulted him in the song Mr. Kataala, which was released 11 years ago.


“That boy went ahead to sing about my father, wife and children in his songs and you people couldn’t condemn that. I told him to apologize! Not until then, I will never forgive him,” he said in an interview.

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