Bebe Cool Defaults Gyenvude writer, Blackskin Releases the Original Version

After Bebe Cool failed to clear his payment, Blackskin dropped the original ‘Gyenvude.’
Blackskin Blax, a well-known songwriter, composer, and music arranger, has released the original version of Bebe Cool’s song “Gyenvude” after the latter failed to pay his bills.

Blackskin Blax threatened to “teach two faded artistes” a lesson if they didn’t pay content creators before releasing his own version.

He then went on to sting the unnamed artists, claiming that he was going to retire them because they couldn’t make their own music.

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“Am going to send you in retirement you two faded artistes. You can’t make music and you don’t want to pay creators.” Blackskin Blax Jenvude/Gyenvudde By Blackskin Blax

When the 24-hour deadline passed with no response from Bebe Cool, Blackskin took to social media to share his version of the song.

“No one can tell your story than yourself. Listen to the original Jenvudde to confirm what I’m talking.” Blackskin confirms. Jenvude/Gyenvudde By Blackskin Blax

However, it will be remembered that Bebe Cool released his Gyenvudde/Gyenvude/jenvude version on 23rd last month. But he fails to pay for the song. It is although evident that Bebe Cool doesn’t compose his own music. Although he is a good artist, he just buys his music. This in addition has brought him into many scandals with music writers.

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