Tycoon Lwasa On Big Rival With Mr. Lee Over Diana Nabatanzi Of BBS TV

The verbal spat between Masaka city tycoon and businessman Lwasa Emanuel Kaweesi and his estranged lover Diana Nabatanzi isn’t about to end, as the tycoon still appears hurt and is playing the victim.

BBS Television’s presenter Diana Nabatanzi, who is also an ex-lover of Masaka City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel, was recently reported to be spending nights with and warming B2C singer Mr Lee’s bed.

The two have recently been spotted having a good time in a number of hot spots. As well as visiting a massage parlor together.

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As a result, there is widespread speculation that the two are dating and planning to take their relationship to the next level. The popular Galaxy FM host emphasized the relationship, claiming that she has enough proof to link the two.

“……we followed them and saw them together many times, we spotted them at a swimming pool together someday, Mr Lee drops her at work and goes back to their (B2C) new house,” Florah of Galaxy FM revealed the news during the Rush hour show.

Following the news, Lwasa, who had previously stated that any man who could impregnate Nabatanzi will receive a cow from him. However, he took to Facebook and posted a cryptic message about the relationship.

“Mr Weee???? Mr Heee?? Bambi kasajja kattu Driving permit ya Raum enavuga tractor?” He said.

Many social media users chastised the tycoon, claiming that he is envious and needs to grow up.

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