Sheilah Gashumba To Earn A Higher And Better Salary On NBS TV Than shs50k On NTV

Sheilah Gashumba, a sassy and motormouthed socialite, is the new face of Next Media’s NBS TV.

The presenter co-hosts the evening entertainment blockbuster NBS After 5 with MC Kats, Douglas Lwanga, DVJ Mercy, and DJ Roja.

Her return to TV represents a stunning U-turn from her previous stance against working on Ugandan TVs. Which she chastised them for underpaying employees. This prompted her father, Frank Gashumba, to swear that his daughter would never work for any Ugandan TV again.

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Her return to television is now thought to have come with a sizable pay check.

We’ve learned that Sheila Gashumba will be paid Shs1.7 million for her services, which is a far cry from the shs50k she was paid at NTV, if her allegations are true.

Despite this, she falls short of fellow presenters MC Kats and Douglas Lwanga. Kats, who was poached from NTV and given a monthly salary of 2 million shillings, now earns a cool 2.2 million. While Douglas Lwanga earns a hefty 2 million from 1.8 million after his appointment as Next Media’s head of events.

DVJ Mercy and DJ Roja each take home a cool 1.5 million dollars.

Sheilah Gashumba has had the worst TV reception in years

However, based on the reaction on social media, Sheilah has entered the record books for the most savage and unwelcome reception to television that any presenter has ever received. Thanks to her previous comments about Ugandan television stations.

At the height of her feud with NTV, when she accused the Serena-based station of underpaying her, she stated that she would rather drive an Uber than work for a Ugandan television station.

When Douglas Lwanga announced her arrival on the show on his social media, the reaction was shocking. Many people retrieved a tweet in which she made the allegations and slapped it in her face, while others thought her presence would be bad for the show.

“Hope she has now accept working for 50k as the way she use to diss other presenters ke labawo naye eheeee.” Kamathe Grase commented

“hope she won’t get angry and she brings back the 50k scenario….u can’t ignore the fact that history repeats itself.” another fan commented

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