Comedian Hannington Bugingo Slams Pastor Aloysius Bugingo For Stealing From His Flock

In a venomous social media attack, renown comedian and actor Hannington Bugingo requests that the government stop Pastor Aloysius Bugingo from stealing from the poor.

On Wednesday morning, comedian Hannington Bugingo slammed Pastor Aloysius Bugingo. Calling him a “parasite” and “monster” who “steals from poor people to build for his side chicks.”

However, It’s unclear what irritated the FunFactory Uganda Managing Director enough to lash out at the pastor of House of Prayer Ministries International.

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How on earth can GovUganda look on as this Parasite/Monster steals from POOR people to build for his Side Chicks? This Nonsense has to stop.”

Further, Hannington Bugingo asked the Ugandan government to intervene and stop the pastor from “stealing” from his flock in a tweet.

The caption on the photo attached to his tweet read:

Hannington Bugingo Tweet


“Don’t say we didn’t remind you. The theme of the teaching on Salt TV was “test the Lord with your 10% and the floodgates of heaven will be opened for you.”

The collage included images of the city pastor preaching in his church while sitting next to a pile of cash. Account numbers where tithes and offerings can be sent, and the house he allegedly built for his lover.

However, as expected, the comments that followed the comedian’s statements elicited a range of reactions from the pastor’s supporters, who flocked to defend their leader.

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In conclusion, Pastor Bugingo has frequently used abusive language to retaliate against those who publicly criticize him during his sermons. Though, it remains to be seen whether he will pick up where Hannington left off in this battle. Only time will tell.

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