Daxx Kartel Worrying Photo Leaks Leaving People Asking What is Going On In His Life

A photo of a man who bears a striking resemblance to Daxx Kartel has been making rounds on social media since Monday evening.

The man in the photo has facial features that are strikingly similar to Daxx Kartel’s, as well as the singer’s signature red hair.

The person in the trending photo appears to be Daxx Kartel Omuryerubah, real name Sulaiman Ssebunya.

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Others, however, believe it is someone else who bears a striking resemblance to the Wizard Order Ent. Group singer.

As soon as the photo appeared on social media, netizens jumped in with their opposing viewpoints.

Many Ugandans who believe it is Daxx Kartel have expressed their concern after seeing the worrying state in which the alleged singer may be.

Social media in-laws have already begun pleading with media personality Momo 19 to forgive Daxx. And also accept her ex-lover before things worsen.

Since April, there have been rumors that Daxx Kartel and his wife Momo 19 split up due to a major misunderstanding.

Momo 19 was rumored to have dumped Daxx Kartel because he allegedly eloped with another woman and impregnated her.

The woman in the mix is reportedly Momo’s best friend Ashira. And it’s reported that Daxx Kartel took the turn after Momo’s inability to conceive despite their Nikkah.

Before their alleged divorce, Momo 19 and Dax Kartel had only made their relationship official with a Muslim Nikkah wedding in December 2020.

It’s unclear whether the man in the photo is Daxx Kartel. But if he is, he appears to be going through a rough patch in his life.

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