Bebe Cool returns with Gyenvudde, an inspirational mega-hit


Big Size Singer Bebe Cool has returned to the musical ring with a bang! After a brief hiatus, the controversial musician has returned with a brand new single, Gyenvudde, from his upcoming studio album.

Gyenvudde is an inspirational mega jam in which Bebe reminds his detractors and haters that he is a true champion.

He goes on to say that looking back on his life journey gives him the motivation and resilience to keep breaking down the barriers in his path!

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In his lyrics, he describes how he washed fellow students’ clothes for survival. And how he frequently trekked from Kanyanya slums to Kalerwe as he worked hard to make a better life for himself.

“Nayozanga Ngoye zabaana kusomero Mukisulo bampe ku sukali Nga nebwezituuka esawa zobuugi Nze akeera kumalili Natambuzanga bigere okuva e Kanyanya ku stage paka Kalerwe Nga silina yade ezamazzi Naye nga sikoowa Nabaako jebatanjagala Nga nkimanyi tebanjagala Nga silina no kyenabakola Naye nga just tebanjagala,” he reveals in one of the verses.

However, Following his release, the 44-year-old veteran musician posted on his Facebook page:

“Everyone has a history or call it a past journey that involves a lot of good and bad but mostly unbelievable challenges. But your past will shape you hence shape your future. Am hard because I have grown through a hard and tough life that am now unstoppable musically, socially, politically and economically . Enjoy this Afro-club banger in my mother language, deep and rich in Ugandan style.”

Herbert Skillz, a well-known beat maker, produced the song’s audio.

Listen to Gyenvudde audio

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