Zari Hassan Attacks Close Friends, Reveals Dirty Secrets in Surfaced Audio (Listen Here)

Firstly, the audio of socialite Zari Hassan blasting and breaking up with her Ugandan friends in South Africa has leaked online.

However, the mother of five is heard complaining about how they formed groups and began gossiping about each other, as well as how they no longer invite her to their parties.

“These days camps have become camps, people are choosing sides but as Zari, I am neutral, I go wherever I want. You make functions and don’t invite me, claiming I’m a celebrity and proud that I won’t come. Why don’t you take your responsibility and invite and fail to come? 22 years, every time you are talking about people instead of developmental issues,” Zari angrily quoted.

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Zari, who seems upset, asked them to forget about her because she doesn’t want to waste her time gossiping.

“My conclusion right now is to leave me alone. I will continue eating even when I’m not talking with you because you are not oxygen, water or food. I don’t need you, you don’t need you.

Additionally, “I’m sick and tired, you women are not developmental, the other man sent a video insulting us that we are old and the only thing we do is bleach, was it a lie? Look at yourselves, look at your lives and ask yourselves if you are developing, you are just stagnant. Some of us are developmental and have goals.”

“I’m past that level, I don’t know how much time I am in this world the only things I think about are what I will leave for my children.”

“Let’s break up and each one of us stays in their houses. Let’s break up for one month and quit those groups for a month and concentrate on self development. Don’t call me, don’t send me words,” Zari wrathed.


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In conclusion, listen to her panting.

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