Fred Lumbuye Starts A War On NUP Leaders : Find Out The Reason

A money dispute has sparked a cold war between a faction of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters and Facebook blogger Fred Lumbuye.

Lumbuye asked that NUP leaders account for the money handed to him to get him out of prison, which aroused the NUP followers.

Lumbuye claims that the committee that received the money did not pay him the entire amount he expected.

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“All the money contributed was $71000 but I don’t know how your leaders (Committee) used it. I was supposed to get $52498 on that money as a mate but I received only $47700. There is a difference of $4000. The leaders need to give you accountability for that money,” Fred Lumbuye asked.

NUP allies, including Sarajoy Bakanansa and Patricia Ssewungu, who were involved in pushing for his release, have slammed him, claiming he shouldn’t be demanding accountability because he wasn’t arrested conducting NUP work.

“Temutusibako kanyaga ka accountability and insulting our leaders who collected this money. We contributed our money to help a brother out of a good heart because he is part of the struggle. But his charge sheet clearly states perjury and overstaying his Visa. His arrest has nothing to do with politics,” Sarajoy said.

Furthermore, some NUP supporters have claimed that the blogger’s focus is on money, but they expected him to first explain how he was detained, leading them to believe that he staged the arrest in order to steal from them.

“Lumbuye stole from Ugandans, it’s now 2022, he has never come out to tell Ugandans the truth about his arrest. He is still cooking lies on the stories of his arrest,” Ntambi Sam, a NUP supporter.

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