Weight Loss Queen Jalia Walda Gives Hope to the Poor

Ladies and gentlemen, good news is coming to our desk indicating that, the queen of weight loss products Jalia Nassolo aka Jalia Walda is back with a bang. This is in form of her philanthropy as usual and she helps out the poor on the streets.

This comes weeks after Jalia Walda aka Jalia Nassolo promised to give back to the community as a public figure, and she now goes to the poor who stay in Katanga region and she drops household items door to door. This is in a bid to make sure that those that were affected by COVID19 are helped not to struggle a lot.

While addressing the revelers, Jalia Walda said that this is being done with a pure heart of helping those that really needed the help. She continued to open up and promised to do the same in a near future when God allows her.

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Briefly, who is Jalia Walda?

Weight Loss Queen Jalia Walda Gives Hope to the Poor

She is a Ugandan living in the US who is passionate about weigh loss programs and she has been in the field for some time. She is a mother who was born 28 years ago and a strong believer who started her believing journey from Synagogue Church of All Nations of Prophet Kakande Samuel.

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