Weasel Manizo Beats Baby Mama Teta, Leaves Her In Excruciating Pain

Teta, the wife of singer Douglas Mayanja, alias Weasel Manizo, is not doing well after being beaten to a pulp by her husband for unknown reasons.

According to reports, whenever Weasel Manizo takes cocaine in addition to other toxic drugs, it is always Teta who suffers the consequences of the him puffing drugs.

Pictures of Weasel’s baby mama with a bruised face have circulated on social media. Many sources claiming that the Goodlyfe Singer and CEO regularly beats up his baby mama. Teta has swollen eyes with almost closed eyelids and wounded lips in the photos.

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Weasel no longer shops at home, not even for his wife’s underwear or feminine products, claims a source close to the musician.

Teta is said to look for every possible way to make ends meet.

Teta apparently returned home late one night from a bar where she works in Ntinda. A fight broke out between her and Weasel, which is where she allegedly got the bruises.

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