Singer Geosteady Not Surprised About Prima Breaking Up With Mr. Henrie

Singer Geosteady Not Surprised About Primah Breaking Up With Mr. Henrie

After breaking up with singer Geosteady in 20219, socialite Prima Kardashi and her boyfriend Mr. Henrie began dating in 2020. After their breakup, he has the last laugh.

Their relationship was going well until Geosteady reappeared in Prima’s life about a month ago in the name of co-parenting their two children.

Singer Geosteady told local television that he wasn’t surprised when Prima and Mr. Henrie split up because he saw it coming.

According to Geosteady, he did not pray for their divorce, but there was always truth behind the rumors about Prima and Mr. Henrie that circulated on social media at the time.

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“It didn’t surprise me that Prima and Mr. Henry broke up I saw it coming. You know there is no smoke without fire so all the rumors that was always making rounds on social media about them I knew there was the truth behind it,” Geosteady said.

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