King Saha Reveals Bitter Truth About Real Mother To Allan Hendrik

King Saha, the singer, has revealed shocking and bitter secrets about his sworn enemy Bebe Cool and his son Allan Hendrik, including how Big Size chewed his maid and fathered a child.

After so many years of feuding, Bebe Cool and Leone Island graduate, King Saha, have taken a new turn in their feud.

From the 2019 squabble in which Bebe Cool accused King Saha of drug abuse to Bebe downplaying King Saha’s leadership skills and capabilities after he declared his intention to run for Uganda Musician Association (UMA) presidency, it was clear that the feud between the two musicians was far from over.

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Partiers lost hair from their heads during Bebe Cool’s stage performance at Club Ambiance in Masaka last weekend after King Saha shockingly revealed a bitter secret about how Bebe Cool sired a baby (Allan Hendrik) with a House Girl.

King Saha also chastised Allan Hendrik for being used to fight his father’s wars by redoing his music to include the word ‘Matayo’ from Zakayo’, thereby spoiling his lyrics.

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