Lydia Jazmine Shows Off Her Brand New Mercedez Benz On Her Birthday

For several weeks, there have been rumors that singer Lydia Jazmine was robbed of the Mercedes Benz that her manager, Ronnie Mulindwa, had given her for her birthday in 2021.

The rumors circulated amid speculations that the two were on the verge of divorce because they were reportedly at odds over money.

In a recent interview, the Lydia Jazmine assured the public that she would be driving a brand new Mercedes Benz that was even more expensive than the one Ronnie Mulindwa had purchased for her.

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Lydia Jazmine ‘Nabawanuka’ surprised everyone who came to her birthday party last night by showing off her new ride, which is worth Ugx200 million.

She was greeted with wild applause from her fans, friends, and journalists who had a few questions for her, which she answered.

Lydia and Ronnie Mulindwa may officially part ways when their contract expires before the end of next month.

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