Karole Kasita Confirms She will Not Hold Any Concert This Year

Karole Namulindwa Kasita, a Ugandan dancehall diva, has announced that she will hold her second concert in 2023.

Karole Kasita held her first concert at Fame Lounge on December 19, 2019, and she did well.

She had only been in the mainstream music industry for three years at the time, so having a successful concert made a good impression.

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Covid-19 rocked the world for the next two years, but Karole Kasita kept her good streak going by releasing monster jams during the lockdown.

For the majority of her fans, her energy on stage and dancehall attitude are what set her apart from the crowd.

She can also perform well in a live band, and she already has the support of some influential artists, such as Condy Snayu.

Karole is ready to perform for her fans at a concert in 2023.

Karole was asked if she plans to hold a concert this year while responding to media questions at the Tiwa Savage Live in Kampala concert press conference on Thursday.

The “Yaka” singer has stated that she has no plans to hold a concert this year. She did, however, state that she will undoubtedly hold one in 2023.

“A concert from me? Not this year. I will have my concert next year,” Karole Kasita came out.

Karole Kasita’s breakthrough hit song “Yaka” was released in 2018, and she has never looked back. We’ll be watching to see what she has to show.

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