Dr. Cephcoh (Sefuko) Reunites Wife Jowie 256, She Confirms | Photos

TikToker’s popularity Dr. Cephcoh has confirmed his reconciliation with his longtime girlfriend Jowie.

After the loud tiktoker was arrested for abusing a presidential advisor, the couple split up bitterly and exposed each other. Figure complete.

After being released from jail, Cephcoh attacked his girlfriend, accusing her of betraying him, and took him to Sheik Umar, where he was arrested. He claimed that Jowie staged his arrest so that she could bonk with Umar.

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Cephcoh attended his socials and confirmed his breakup with Jowie.

“Jowie do all but remember, i have been your husband and we have been sleeping together in bed. I know you in and out. But you have disappointed me. I didn’t know that you can do this to me. If you really chose to do that to me, that means you want me dead. I can’t be with a person who wishes me to die. I am done and now any man is free to take you,” Cephcoh posted.

However, after weeks of silence, the lovebirds reconciled their differences and are now having fun again. Cephcoh claims to have forgiven Jowie.

He also mentioned how much he missed her company.

Jowie Love i know she made mistakes, she made me cry and hurting me. All the words she uttered on me but in this life, we have to forgive and forget. I can assure you that she will never do anything like that again she’s a fantastic person, and she feels sad when she see’s me worried, i can’t tolorate seeing me crying i missed her company so much. LET’S START AGAIN


Jowie also went ahead and posted that she got back her lover.

“Gat him back DrCephcoh,” Jowie also posted.

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