Video: Cindy Sanyu Shows Parental Care, Stops A Young Girl To Perform Past Midnight

Cindy Sanyu Shows Parental Care, Stops Young Girls To Perform Past Midnight

Over the weekend, singer Cindy Sanyu ordered a youngster to leave the stage after she performed past midnight at Munyonyo Fusion Auto Spa.

Cindy was asked to make way for an upcoming artist to showcase her talent before taking the stage. However, she didn’t know it was a young child who was to be in bed at that time.

Cindy Sanyu interjected midway through the young child’s performance, expressing how it is not good to allow children to perform late at night.

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In addition, the singer explained that if she had known the youngster was the one she was paving the way for to perform that late, she would not have given her the opportunity.

She stated that she encourages young people to pursue careers in music but dislikes seeing artists under the age of 18 perform late at night.

She went on to warn parents to be very cautious when sending their children to perform late at night, saying it is a very bad habit that she will not tolerate.

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