VIDEO: Grace Khan Sobs Uncontrollably at Her Baby Shower After Her Baby Father Fails to Show Up

Grace Khan pregnancy was revealed months ago, but she continued to deny it until she couldn’t hide it any longer.

It was reported that the singer was still unsure about the baby’s father because she was allegedly sleeping with and juggling four men at the same time.

However, this weekend, the singer’s friends planned and surprised her with a beautiful baby shower in which she was showered with love, which brought her to tears.

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During the celebrations, Khan was able to conduct an interview with journalists in which she poured her heart out. She expressed her grief over the fact that her baby Daddy had died.

Grace Khan sobbed uncontrollably during the interview when asked why she chose to become pregnant at her age. She burst into tears and pleaded with everyone to give birth if God gives them the opportunity.

“Most times it’s Good who decide, if he gives you a child please give birth to it regardless of what you are going through, there will always be people who will love you. When God decides that Grace be a mother, I can’t refuse.” she insisted.

Khan stated that it is not yet the appropriate time to show off her baby daddy to the world, which explains why he was not present.

“I will show him to you soon when it’s the right time,” Khan added.

Grace Khan Crying

It should be noted that a few months ago, during an interview with a local blogger, Khan revealed how her lover, Samuel, had bought her a car and that they were deeply in love.

During her baby shower, however, Khan did not refer to the man as her boyfriend, but rather as a best friend who contributed the most to her celebrations.

“There is someone from abroad who became my best friend and father, they call him Samuel. So he organised the baby shower, he put the biggest contribution,” She said.

Among those who helped organize the baby shower were singer Bettina Namukasa, Flash Love, Vivian Tendo, and Jamila Kalungi.

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