Robin Kisti is Enraged That NBS TV Chose Sheilah Gashumba Over Her

Former NTV Uganda presenter Robin Kisti expressed her displeasure in a series of rants about how NBS TV forced her to work only to choose Sheilah Gashumba over her.

Sheilah Gashumba was announced as the new addition to the NBS TV After 5 weekly music show on Friday.

The announcement came after a week of talent searches in which various media enthusiasts were hosted on the show in order to find a suitable presenter.

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Former NTV Login presenter Robin Kisti was one of many candidates who applied for the job, and she was very hopeful.

Her nemesis, Sheilah Gashumba, was chosen, much to her chagrin, sending her into a rage.

Robin Kisti vented her rage on her massively followed Snapchat account at the NBS TV team, who made her work hard in the hope of getting the job, but in vain.

She explained how she had previously contacted Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats, but they all pretended they had never seen her.

Kisti claims that it deeply hurt her and that she cannot take it personally.

“I’m gonna take it personal, yes, I’m mad. I reached out to Kats to help me get back, he said “Okay Siso”, but nothing…I reached out to Douglas, nothing. They’re all acting like they got amnesia and they don’t know me. But it’s okay, I’ve now known who you all are.” Robin posted.

Fantastic 5 Team of NBS After5


Kisti believes Sheilah Gashumba was chosen because of her large social media following rather than her talent.

She decides to take the Lesson and vows to use the lessons learned as motivation to work even harder and return to television as soon as possible.

“They will choose numbers over talent, but it’s all good. Talent tediba especially if you keep working towards your dream. Back on the job hunt and I will get one. Naye nga NBS mudabisiza nyo,” Kisti composed.

Robin Kisti and Sheilah Gashumba aren’t the best of friends, having fought bitterly on social media in 2020.

Who is Robin Kisti?

Robin Kisti is the youngest of five siblings (three girls and two boys). Christine Olivia Kisitu is her mother, and Paul Sevume is her father. She attended Buloba Primary School before moving on to St Joseph’s Girls SS in Nsambya for S1. After graduating from high school, she relocated to London, where she completed the remainder of her high school and college education. She lived in the United Kingdom for seven years, and the rest of her family is still there.

Kisti attended Pierce College in Washington State before enrolling at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with Acting as her major. She returned to Uganda after Northern to pursue a career in media.

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