Dr. T-Amale Apologizes to Bizonto After Nearly Two Years Of Fight

Dr. T-Amale, real name Kafeero Toby, a celebrated comedian, has coiled his tail and extended an olive branch to his former comrades, Bizonto.

The comedian severed ties with the comedians of the Bizonto comedy group nearly two years ago. After which he began hurling insults at the group.

Now, flanked by their mentor Omulangira Ndausi, the Bizonto welcomed and apologized to Dr. T-Amale.

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As a sacrificial lamb, he brought sacks of sugar, rice, and other delicacies with him.

When asked if the group will accept Dr. T-Amale back into the fold, they remained tight-lipped, saying the most important thing is forgiveness because it is always the first step.

Dr. T-Amale Apologizes to Bizonto

However, it should be remembered that Dr. T-amale broke up with his comrades and vowed over his mother’s breast that he would never apologize for breaking the rules of the Bizonto Comedy Group.

“I didn’t commit any crime just that one went to the Bizonto socials meant for jokes and found touching and meaningful stuff. I have a right to speak what I feel is right and relevant to this country since I have a following, and as a Born Again that can really judge whats right or wrong, I didn’t abuse or demean any person hence I won’t apologise irrespective of the 21 days alleged ultimatum given to me by my group mates, said Dr. T-Amale.

Dr. T-Amale Clarifying on his statement

The comedian, who rose to fame by impersonating former Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi, has been at odds with his comedy group members ‘Bizonto’ for violating the rules of their job by hurting their fans. Because of their political affiliations via the Bizonto official social media pages. Necessitating an apology to the public or risk losing his position.

However, according to Dr. T-Amale, he did nothing wrong in exercising his constitutional right to free speech. By expressing what is wrong socially and politically in his motherland, and thus should not be accused of wrongdoing.

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Finally, Dr. T-Amale Apologizes to Bizonto, we pray that they bring you back to the group.

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